The Essential Cuppa


What are the ingredients of the Essential Cuppa – see below:

It’s a Social Gathering

Cuppa is about getting together any group of people – friends, family, colleagues – and having fun together and of course a Cuppa of something!

Host a Corporate Cuppa or Host a Cuppa yourself.

Alternately, find out how to become a guest at a Cuppa…

Usually with a Theme

Cuppa hosts usually pick a theme for their Cuppa event to set the tone or to add excitement to sharing a Cuppa of something. See Cuppa Ideas & Tips…

Drinks & Snacks are Provided

A Cuppa may be any beverage of choice. Beverages & snacks may fit the theme of the Cuppa if the host so desires. See beverage recipes here…

A Message is Shared

The host may choose to share a message with guests, or invite a guest speaker or entertainer. CANSA provides tips regarding its’ Cuppa theme for the year¬†which the host may also choose to share.

It’s a Cuppa that Cares

Guests are expected to make a donation towards CANSA – the host collects the donations and pays it over to CANSA. In 2017 funds raised are being used specifically to enable care & support programmes at our local CANSA Care Centres. Read more about how funds raised through Cuppa are used to fight cancer…

Planning Your Cuppa

All you need to know…

Cuppa Competition

This year hosts can enter our ‘Healthy Choices’ Recipe Competition – read more…

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