Esoteric Cuppa Ideas

Looking for something out of the ordinary – conjure up some magic and drama here…

Read between the leaves!
Read between the leaves!

Tasseography Cuppa

Tea Leaf Reading – This can be done at any tea party. Tea bags won’t work! All theatrics and atmosphere – let your imagination run wild with the readings!

Witch’s Brew Cuppa

All the elements are combined in this cuppa-making ritual. First and foremost, the witches tend the hearth and stoke up the fire. They then suspend a kettle of water over the fire. When the water comes to the boil, they add their brew which comes from Mother Earth. While the brew steeps guests add a secret ingredient, which adds to the pleasant aroma wafting through the air…  Remember to use a no. 10 potjie and live the fantasy…

Bubble, bubble...
Bubble, bubble…

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