Historical Cuppa Ideas

Fancy turning back the hands of time and experiencing something different? Here’s your chance…

Have a Victorian RoyalTea!
Have a Victorian RoyalTea!

Boston Tea Party Cuppa

You don’t have to throw your tea into the sea or start a revolution but you can tax your guests for drinking it. Accompanied by a nice Boston cream pie. Yummy!

Victorian Tea Party Cuppa

Invite the King and Queen.  Bone china, paper-thin cucumber sandwiches and strawberries and cream. Protocol and etiquette must prevail.  Have a heated discussion as to whether you pour the tea into the cup before the milk or vice versa.  We suggest you serve Earl Grey tea with sugar cubes. Then take bets on the next Oxford | Cambridge Boat Race. The Victorians loved picnic teas as an opportunity to get away from the stifling formality of their homes. A Victorian tea can be simple or elegant and Victorian dress can be optional. Set up a table with a lace cloth in your garden or in a park and serve delicious Victorian fare – wafer-thin crust-less sandwiches, pâtés, cookies, scones and cakes. Remember the lemon wedges! Victorian teas are a combination of delicious tea and food, gracious company, games on the lawn and “walks in the fields”. Dream up your very own version.

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