Ladies’ Cuppa Ideas

Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness

Time to get the girls together for a party… – you know it, girls just want to have fun!

Breast Cancer Awareness Cuppa

Hold a Cuppa in October to honour those women who have been touched by breast cancer. Challenge  women to come to the tea party and committing to have an early detection test (mammogram) done. Use pink (it is the international breast awareness colour) and invite a speaker to talk about breast health or living with cancer. Get somebody in your community to talk about their personal journey with breast cancer.

Mother-Daughter Cuppa

Give mothers and daughters an opportunity to bond at a mother-and-daughter Cuppa. Add a guest speaker to explore the theme or arrange simple entertainment that will appeal to both generations. Alternatively add feminine appeal by having a workshop on beauty, health, scrap booking or beading.

Pamper Party Cuppa

Hire a mobile spa to come to your Cuppa.  You will need a few therapists to circulate so that you get the foot, back, neck and head treatment alternatively.  Pan flute music, incense and pamper products can add to the sensory indulgence.  A selection of teas, coffee, rooibos smoothies and red espressos with an assortment of bite-size sweet and savoury pastries could be a good idea.  Choose a harmonising colour for flowers and towels.  You could organise shweshwe’s and slippers for your guests to buy afterwards.

Kry al die katjies bymekaar!
Kry al die katjies bymekaar!

Women’s Day Cuppa

Do something really special for Women’s Day this year and have a Cuppa to celebrate women and their achievements.  Use colour as a theme – each host is assigned a colour per table or each woman has to dress in a specific colour. Or how about something different and host a Cuppa for all single women and share handy tips and practical information to run your household.  This could include a demo on how to change a light bulb, reconnecting an electrical plug or tips for removing bubblegum from hair or clothing.

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