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What makes you tick? What are you passionate about? Turn it into a Cuppa and start changing the world!

Save Mother Earth
Save Mother Earth

Eco-friendly Cuppa

Think recycling, forests, mint tea and vegan cup cakes.  Ask guests to purchase Simon Gear’s “365 Ways to Change our World” and pay a little extra for the book which will be donated to CANSA, or you could raffle a worm farm. Better still, invite Simon to your tea party to give you tips…


Health and Fitness Cuppa

Work out in the company gym first or organise an exercise session or activity to get the blood pumping, before your Cuppa.  Cool down with iced tea, fresh fruit kebabs, rooibos smoothies and rooibos bran muffins.




Zen Garden Tea Cuppa

When you have finished raking the sand and balancing the three flat stones on top of each other, meditate and consider the Taoist philosophy of balance: yin and yang. Serve green tea.


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