Quirky Cuppa Ideas

Quirky CelebriTea!
Quirky CelebriTea!

Think ‘extraordinary’ and go with your gut!

Cups & Spoons Cuppa

Do a dinner party and serve dishes, drinks, sweets and all in cups – soup, your main course, dessert and rooibos tea or coffee.  All courses are to be eaten with a spoon only. Many people have spoon collection. Ask guests to each bring a teaspoon with a prize for the holder of the rarest spoon.

An Extreme Cuppa

Organise your Cuppa around an extreme sport – have a Cuppa after you skydive, or after you bungee jump… go wild! Just don’t make your guests toss their cookies…


Reality Game Show Cuppa

Base the activities at your Cuppa on a reality game show that grabs your fancy – The Amazing Race or Survivor, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, American Idol, Step Up or Step Out – the key to this Cuppa is not to let your guests take themselves too seriously and to just have a good time!

Water Party Cuppa

The aim being to promote the healthy benefits of fresh clean water. Arrange an exercise demonstration or walk.  Guests pay a fee to participate and purchase a bottle of water.  You could even have water slides and serve frozen fruit pieces in ice trays.

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