Traditional Cuppa Ideas

A Fashionable Day at the Races
A Fashionable Day at the Races

Love traditions? This Cuppa is for you – of course, within the bounds of tradition, you could give it a completely unique flavour…

A Day at the Races

Dress to kill, place your “bets” and organise a high-brow spread for your elegant guests. “Bets” can be additional fees on top of your guests’ Cuppa donations – make sure that what they are “betting” on is worthwhile and do reward the most elegant couple with a prize!


Low Tea Cuppa

Contrary to what many people think “low tea” was enjoyed mainly by affluent families. The ‘low” refers to the height of the tea tables. Low tea is a light repast designed as a gap-filler to tide people over until dinnertime. Finger food and tea is served between 4 and 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Guests never stay later than 7 o’clock.


SnooTea Low/High Tea
SnooTea Low/High Tea

High Tea Cuppa

High tea is an early evening snack, typically eaten between 5pm and 6pm. The “high” refers to the height of the table and not to one’s standing in society – although high tea was essentially a working class tradition. Workers worked long hours, mostly under terrible working conditions and returned home tired and hungry. High tea was dinner with foods like meat, pickles, bread, butter, jam, boiled eggs and tea. You can interpret this tea as you wish or take high tea literally. Serve tea on top of a mountain, in a hot air balloon, in an aeroplane or on high chairs. Use your imagination.

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