Host a Healthy Cuppa For CANSA

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7 June 2017: The Cuppa For CANSA season is officially open, with the launch taking place today – view launch gallery here… In 2017, the #CuppaForCANSA campaign will be raising funds for CANSA’s Care Centres and the care and support they offer to all those affected by cancer.

“Cuppa For CANSA is a fun way to raise money for the work CANSA does in local communities. The concept can be adapted to countless situations and allows the hostess total ‘artistic control’. A Cuppa can be big or small; with family, friends or colleagues; and be held at any venue. This year we are encouraging Cuppa hosts to have a ‘healthy options’ event, where healthy foods and recipes can be shared and enjoyed,” says CANSA Head of Sustainability Maria Scholtz.

Our Partners Enable Support to Survivors

“We’re grateful to have our main partners, Shoprite and Checkers on-board once again for this Cuppa season. As with previous years, they will be having in-store Cuppas, where the public can get involved and support this campaign (#ActForChange). For the second year, Glen Rooibos is also joining the Cuppa initiative, and along with Shoprite and Checkers, helped us raise over R4 million last year alone. It’s because of partners like these, that we are able to continue our care and support programmes in local communities,” continues Scholtz.

Cuppa ‘Healthy Choices’ Recipe Competition

For the 2017 Cuppa season, CANSA will be running a ‘Healthy Choices’ Recipe Competition. Cuppa hosts can enter this competition by submitting their healthy alternative cake, cupcake, tart, etc. recipe.

“Prizes will be up for grabs for the most delicious, yet healthy food recipe. CANSA is all about living a balanced lifestyle and making smart and healthy food choices. This year, we really want our Cuppa participants to stand with us in health, by making healthy alternatives for their Cuppa event,” continues Scholtz.

Cuppa Focus for 2017

The focus for this year’s Cuppa, is to raise funds and awareness for the CANSA Care Centres. There are more than 30 Care Centres across South Africa, servicing more than 300 communities, and reaching over 92 000 cancer patients and their families (stats from 1 April 2016 – 30 March 2017).

The Care Centres offer a host of care and support services, including cancer screening, counselling and support groups, cancer education through health material, health talks and exhibitions, CANSA Care Homes and TLC Lodges, etc.

Anyone can become a Cuppa host, by simply contacting their local CANSA Care Centre or using the handy tips available on the Cuppa website.

“For this year’s Cuppa, we have some lovely mugs available for purchase at R55 each. These mugs are a great keepsake for the Cuppa season and a wonderful addition to any event. We encourage you to take part in this Cuppa season, by being a host, or as a guest of one of the CANSA Cuppa’s. Let your creative juices loose, and host a Cuppa,” concludes Scholtz.

For more info contact your local CANSA Care Centre, visit, phone CANSA toll-free 0800 22 66 22, or email CANSA at


CANSA offers a unique integrated service to the public and to all people affected by cancer. CANSA is a leading role-player in cancer research (more than R12 million spent annually) and the scientific findings and knowledge gained from our research are used to realign our health programmes, as well as strengthen our watchdog role to the greater benefit of the public.

Our health programmes comprise health and education campaigns; CANSA Care Centres that offer a wide range of care and support services to those affected by cancer; stoma and other clinical support and organisational management; medical equipment hire, as well as a toll-free line to offer information and support.

We also supply patient care and support in the form of 11 CANSA Care Homes in the main metropolitan areas for out-of-town cancer patients; a Wellness Centre based in Polokwane; and CANSA-TLC lodging for parents and guardians of children undergoing cancer treatment.

Visit for more information or follow CANSA on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.