Tips & Ideas: Cuppa Themes, Decor and Venue

Sarie Cuppa

Venue Tips:

Underground, overground, wombling free… – anywhere will do – try to choose a venue that will suit your theme and keep the weather forecast in mind.

Be sure to book your venue well in advance if necessary. Who you invite and the number of guests you invite will dictate the kind of space you need and of course any chosen activities.

Cuppas can be held anywhere – small or large venues, inside or outside, the sky is the limit – gardens, parks, mountain sides, boats, church or community halls, clubs, homes, etc…

Themes & Decor Tips:

Cuppa hosts usually pick a theme for their Cuppa event to set the tone or to add excitement to sharing a Cuppa of something.

The theme choice usually dictates decor, snacks & beverage choices and also the kind of entertainment or activities provided. Unleash your creativity…