Planning Your Cuppa

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Organise the Perfect Cuppa

Cuppa Winner Sue Goslett – Photo credit: Kirsten Goslett Photography

1. Register as a Cuppa Host

Contact your local CANSA Care Centre and indicate that you wish to host a Cuppa For CANSA, and to collect your Host Pack.

2. Find Host Resources

Funds raised during Cuppa are being used to enable care & support programmes for cancer Survivors, Caregivers and loved ones, at our local CANSA Care Centres. Contact your local CANSA Care Centre regarding host resources…

Online Resources:

3. Choose a Date

Cuppa season is open from the early June to 31st October annually. Cuppa events will take place at various CANSA Care Centres.

You may wish to organise your Cuppa to coincide with a special calendar day e.g. Youth Day & Father’s Day, Women’s Day or Heritage Day. You could even choose to celebrate your birthday by hosting a ‘Birthday Cuppa’! Just be sure your intended guests are available & send out your invites sooner than later.

It is possible of course, to host a Cuppa For CANSA at any time of year, although Cuppa host materials, usually provided during campaign time, may then not be available.

4. Choose a Venue

This will depend on whether you are hosting a Corporate Cuppa or hosting an your own Cuppa – take the number of guests attending and the weather forecast into consideration!

Cuppas can be held anywhere – small or large venues, inside or outside, the sky is the limit! The key here is to book the intended venue well in advance, if this is necessary.

5. Choose a Theme & Message

Let your imagination run wild – you may host a ‘Women’s Day Cuppa’ or a ‘Birthday Cuppa’ or an ‘Extreme Cuppa’ – really, any theme will do… – beverages & snacks served can tie in with your theme if you wish.

Cuppa Hosts may choose to share info regarding CANSA’s care and support services for cancer Survivors with their guests. You can always invite a special guest to share a message on your behalf. Read more…

6. Host & Enjoy Your Cuppa

Remember to enjoy the day and to take lots of photo’s to create memories that can be treasured – take pics of your table settings, decor, eats & drinks, special guests & activities, your guests having fun, etc…

We would love to share ‘Cuppas That Inspire’ with others, so please send your pics and a short blurb about your Cuppa to – we will post the most inspiring Cuppas on our website. (This will NOT be considered to be an entry into any Cuppa Competitions).

7. Pay Over Your Guests’ Donations

See details here...

8. Share your Cuppa Online

If you or your company will be hosting a Cuppa For CANSA, send CANSA your selfies or ‘pledges’ as to why you are hosting a Cuppa For CANSA. So get the coffee and cameras ready, and share your Cuppa using the hashtag #CuppaForCANSA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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