The Essential Cuppa

What are the ingredients of the Essential Cuppa – see below:

Cuppa Winner Sue Goslett – Photo credit: Kirsten Goslett Photography

It’s a Social Gathering

Cuppa is about getting together any group of people – friends, family, colleagues – and having fun together and of course a Cuppa of something!

Host a Corporate Cuppa or Host a Cuppa yourself.

Alternately, find out how to become a guest at a Cuppa…

Usually with a Theme

Cuppa hosts usually pick a theme for their Cuppa event to set the tone or to add excitement to sharing a Cuppa of something. See Cuppa Ideas & Tips…

Drinks & Snacks are Provided

A Cuppa may be any beverage of choice. Beverages & snacks may fit the theme of the Cuppa if the host so desires – try to keep drinks / eats healthy. See beverage recipes here…

A Message is Shared

The host may choose to share a message with guests, or invite a guest speaker or entertainer. CANSA provides tips regarding its’ Cuppa theme for the year¬†which the host may also choose to share.

It’s a Cuppa that Cares

Guests are expected to make a donation towards CANSA – the host collects the donations and pays it over to CANSA.¬†Funds raised are being used to enable care & support programmes at our local CANSA Care Centres. Read more about how funds raised through Cuppa are used to fight cancer…

Planning Your Cuppa

All you need to know…

House & Leisure Cuppa