Sue Goslett – Cuppa Competition Winner 2012

The winning Cuppa 2012 team
The winning Cuppa 2012 team

Our Cuppa For CANSA was borne out of an idea that my youngest daughter had regarding her birthday celebration. Instead of a party for her, we should host a party for all those that have been affected by cancer and especially in fond memory of my parents who both died of cancer, the grandparents she never knew and her Aunt, a survivor of cancer, who lives in Australia.

As a family, we have been blessed with being creative, each in our own way. So, we set about to make, bake and create a “rainbow tea”. We chose the theme based on the ribbons worn  to embrace all types of cancers. We only pinned the colour lavender on our guests, as this would represent any cancer that had touched all our family and friends. We moved inside outside to have the tea in the garden.

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Our long kitchen table was a focal point in the middle of the lawn, adorned with flowers in a multitude of colours from the garden. The TV lounge couches were used as extra seating in the shade. We baked and iced in rainbow colours and the cakes were interspersed with glass bowls of brightly coloured sweets for fun. Not just the young folk enjoyed these!

Family and friends ranging in ages from 10 to 82 came and we all had a cuppa or two, chatting, catching up and  just relaxing in the garden on a cool, wonderful Cape Town afternoon. Memories were made by taking photos with a backdrop of our handmade  rainbow.  Generous donations were put in our old family coffee pot. Many people acknowledged the need to stop and remember our loved ones or those being affected by cancer and support organizations like CANSA for the great work they do.

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