Emperors Palace High Tea in Aid of Cuppa For CANSA

On Thursday afternoon, October 9th 2014, Emperors Palace hosted a Cuppa For CANSA High Tea at Aurelia’s Restaurant in the 5-star D’oreale Grande Hotel. Celebrity guests that attended were treated to a feast fit for a queen.

At the function CANSA’s Corporate Relationship Manager, Munnik Marais, announced that a percentage of monies raised from the High Tea’s held at Aurelia’s on Saturday afternoons during October, would be donated to CANSA.

Among the celebrities who attended the event – which gave those attending the opportunity to socialise and share stories about friends and loved ones who have been effected by cancer and to raise funds for CANSA – was award-winning sport presenter, Carol Tshabalala; actress and television presenter, Ashley Hayden; Mrs SA 2015 First Princess, Riana Mooi, Mrs SA 2015 Charity, Talita Jansen van Vuuren and Mrs SA 2015, Sarah-Kate Scott.

Also in attendance was Emperors Palace GM: Hotel and Resorts, Wayne Hill of Bruma and Peermont Corporate Affairs & CSI Executive, Vusi Zwane of Bryanston and businesswoman, Juanita Mitchell & Mandy Leisher of Bassonia and Esti Lindner, CANSA.

(Photographs courtesy of Yolanda van der Stoep).

Northlands Primary School Hosts Kids Cuppa For CANSA

Northlands Primary School Hosted a two-day Cuppa for CANSA at the school, based in Durban North, on the 18th & 19th September 2014.

The kids had their own Cuppa – each child had to bring R10 to school and received a juice and cupcake on the 18th.

On the 19th of September, a Cuppa was held for moms, friends and families at the school’s coffee shop, the ‘Tree House’.

Raffles were held & wonderful prizes won and CANSA organised Clinical Breast Exams in our Mobile Health Clinic, for those who wished to be examined.

It is wonderful to see our youth and schools supporting CANSA & those affected by cancer – what a bright future indeed if the ‘youth that care’ today, become our country’s ‘caring leaders’ of tomorrow….

We would like to thank Northlands Primary School for their wonderful participation in the fight against cancer!

Le Creuset ‘Host a Cuppa Media Day’

CPT 17 – 18 September 2014: Le Creuset SA took over the boardrooms of Media 24, Associated Magazines as well as New Media. The boardrooms looked absolutely stunning adorned with the chiffon pink, cassis, dune and cotton coloured Le Creuset range. The flowers were out of this world and the eats were delicious. A giant cut out teapot photo booth was a hit and Le Creuset staff managed to entice most people into the tea pot! Everything looked magical.

Jamie Paine appealed to all attending make a difference by hosting a Cuppa For CANSA.

The editors of Tuis/Home, Ideas/Idees, Woolworths TASTE, VISI, Sarie, Sarie Kos, House and Leisure, Good Housekeeping, Fair Lady and EAT OUT were all nominated and accepted the challenge of hosting a Cuppa – the big prize: the winning editor to donate R10 000 in their name to CANSA.

Le Creuset will be nominating top bloggers to the same challenge and are looking forward to receiving competition entries for this year’s Cuppa Campaign from the public.

Tips & Ideas: Additional Ways to Raise Funds at Your Cuppa

Make giving fun – create a beautifully handcrafted or funky, decorated container for guests to deposit their donations, if they are not paying it online.

Sarie Cuppa

Raise Additional Funds at Your Cuppa:

Shared Hosting of Your Cuppa:

The best way of getting tables sold and to save on expenses is to get people who are willing to be table hosts.

Each table host takes responsibility for selling tickets for his or her table, decorating their table and providing eats as well.

Hold a competition for the most beautiful table and you will be astounded at the love and care table hosts put into their Cuppa tables. Some hosts even insist on bringing their own tableware – and this again saves costs.

Various themes can be used for each table. Prizes can be awarded for the most innovative use of the theme.

Organise a Raffle:

Try to arrange for a few sponsored gifts from your local community e.g. beauty products, books, vouchers, etc – get each guest to pay a particular amount to enter the raffle when they arrive at your Cuppa and draw the lucky winners before they leave. Let your guests know beforehand that they need to bring a raffle fee.

Organise an Auction:

Try to arrange for sponsored or donated items for your auction. You can also auction a guest (their time or skills)! Get your guests to come prepared with ‘silver change’ and notes for an ‘American Auction’. Organise a few runners, an auctioneer, timer and stopwatch – it is wise to organise a small float in case guests forget to bring ‘change’.

The timer stands with his or her back to the guests and starts the stopwatch. While the auctioneer opens ‘bidding’ get your runners to move through your guests with containers to collect ‘bids’. The idea is that when the timer calls proceedings to a halt (at his or her discretion), that the last person to place a ‘bid’ in a container, wins the item on auction. The auctioneer needs to keep his or her eyes open and the runners need to put their hand up to indicate the guest who had their hand in the container when the auction was called to a halt. Guests can win a lovely prize for just a few rand…

For the really daring and those with more cash at their disposal, you could of course organise a traditional auction!

Organise a Competition:

Arrange for sponsored or donated items as prizes and organise a competition at your Cuppa – guests may have to compose something, or create something – to enter the competition each guest would pay an entry fee. Guests could ‘compete’ as individuals or groups – have fun! Let your guests know to bring a little extra cash along…

Ideas for Corporate Cuppas:

  • Should you be too busy to fit an actual Cuppa sit-down event into your work schedule, get staff to donate a particular sum of money per Cuppa-of-something-they-drink at work on a particular day.
  • Alternately, challenge staff to donate 1 hour of their salary to support the Cuppa cause and of course, lead by example!
  • Employees who organise a Cuppa-do, could ask their employers to match the amount they raise rand-for-rand. Company donations are tax deductible and Section 18A tax certificates can be issued by CANSA for all donations received from South African individual donors or corporates.

Tips & Ideas: Gifts for Your Cuppa Guests

Your guests have taken the trouble to attend your Cuppa and to support your fundraising efforts for CANSA. It is appropriate to say ‘thank you’. A small gift from their Cuppa Host can go a long way towards achieving this end:

Alternately, ask each guest to forward you their favourite healthy recipe or life-philosophy, or their favourite inspirational quotes or anecdotes – make copies and bind them for your guests to take home.

Tips & Ideas: Cuppa Entertainment and Message

Emperors Palace Cuppa


It is entirely up to you, whether or not you provide entertainment at your Cuppa Event. You are welcome to just share a Cuppa together with your guests and have fun catching up.

Alternately, you may wish to invite a guest speaker or celebrity to inspire your guests, or arrange for music or entertainment which coincides with your theme choice.


The host may choose to share a message with guests – again, this is entirely up to you – if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, arrange for:

  • an inspirational guest speaker
  • a cancer Survivor (anyone who has heard the words ‘you have cancer’)
  • a CANSA Volunteer to share about providing care & support to cancer patients and loved ones – ask your local CANSA Care Centre
  • a health professional

Cuppa For CANSA theme:  Funds raised are being used to enable care & support programmes at our local CANSA Care Centres.

If you don’t want to share a message in an overt manner, find creative ways of spreading the message e.g. include the message, or material re the message in your ‘thank you’ gift to your guests, or work it into your table decor – e.g. obtain ‘fortune’ cookies from a supplier and ask them to include your own inspirational messages related to health or how to lower cancer risk…

Emperors Palace Cuppa

Tips & Ideas: Cuppa Drinks and Eats

This year Cuppa hosts are once again encouraged to choose healthy drinks / eats for their Cuppa event, and to enter our ‘Healthy Choices’ Recipe Competition, as CANSA is keen to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle…

Cuppa Drinks

True Love Cuppa

Cuppa is an all-encompassing “tea party” in the drinks department, but try to keep it healthy:

  • teaflavoured teas (Chai, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine, etc); herbal teas (Rooibos – rooibos cappuccino or espresso – Lemon Rooibos, Lemon & Ginger, Honeybush, Spearmint, Peppermint, Chamomile, etc); Black Tea; Yellow Tea; White Tea; Chinese teas (Keemun, Yunnan, Oolong, Green Tea, etc); Indian teas (Assam, Nilgiri, Masala, Badam, etc), iced tea, etc
  • coffee – americano, espresso, cappuccino, blends, iced coffee, etc
  • hot chocolate – traditional, white chocolate, etc
  • soup – cold, warm, clear, broth, etc
  • juice – freshly squeezed fruit or veggie based
  • smoothies – healthy and fruity (try our healthy and Delicious Rooibos Smoothie recipe)
  • naturally flavoured water – using frozen or fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables

Healthy Recipes:

Be creative and have fun with it – any beverage, hot or cold, will do!

Cuppa Eats

Good Housekeeping Cuppa

Cuppa Hosts usually provide snacks to complement the beverages they serve & their theme, however, if your budget is limited, why not ask a few of your closer friends, who are attending, to help out with a sweet or savoury dish. CANSA does suggest you keep snacks and eats healthy…

  • crudités – sliced veggies (celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, peppers, asparagus) with vinaigrette or a dipping sauce of your choice, etc.
  • finger foods – fruit kebabs, olives, pitas stuffed with fresh salads and / or vegetables, cold roasts (non-processed), sushi (with low-sodium soy sauces), low-fat cheeses, quiches, shaped sandwiches, breads and pate, savoury pancakes, etc.
  • food by colour – limit your snack choices to one or two predominant colours

and if you really can’t resist:

  • baked goods – cookies, scones, cakes, tarts, cupcakes, brownies, pancakes with sweet fillings, muffins, savoury pastries and pies, samoosas, spring rolls, pizza, etc.
  • desserts – homemade ice cream or frozen yoghurt
  • sweets – chocolate, fudge

Healthy Recipes:

Find inspiration in recipes from Chaine Des Rotisseurs and Megan Pentz-Kluytz, CANSA’s consulting dietician:

Tips & Ideas: Cuppa Themes, Decor and Venue

Sarie Cuppa

Venue Tips:

Underground, overground, wombling free… – anywhere will do – try to choose a venue that will suit your theme and keep the weather forecast in mind.

Be sure to book your venue well in advance if necessary. Who you invite and the number of guests you invite will dictate the kind of space you need and of course any chosen activities.

Cuppas can be held anywhere – small or large venues, inside or outside, the sky is the limit – gardens, parks, mountain sides, boats, church or community halls, clubs, homes, etc…

Themes & Decor Tips:

Cuppa hosts usually pick a theme for their Cuppa event to set the tone or to add excitement to sharing a Cuppa of something.

The theme choice usually dictates decor, snacks & beverage choices and also the kind of entertainment or activities provided. Unleash your creativity…

The Essential Cuppa

What are the ingredients of the Essential Cuppa – see below:

Cuppa Winner Sue Goslett – Photo credit: Kirsten Goslett Photography

It’s a Social Gathering

Cuppa is about getting together any group of people – friends, family, colleagues – and having fun together and of course a Cuppa of something!

Host a Corporate Cuppa or Host a Cuppa yourself.

Alternately, find out how to become a guest at a Cuppa…

Usually with a Theme

Cuppa hosts usually pick a theme for their Cuppa event to set the tone or to add excitement to sharing a Cuppa of something. See Cuppa Ideas & Tips…

Drinks & Snacks are Provided

A Cuppa may be any beverage of choice. Beverages & snacks may fit the theme of the Cuppa if the host so desires – try to keep drinks / eats healthy. See beverage recipes here…

A Message is Shared

The host may choose to share a message with guests, or invite a guest speaker or entertainer. CANSA provides tips regarding its’ Cuppa theme for the year which the host may also choose to share.

It’s a Cuppa that Cares

Guests are expected to make a donation towards CANSA – the host collects the donations and pays it over to CANSA. Funds raised are being used to enable care & support programmes at our local CANSA Care Centres. Read more about how funds raised through Cuppa are used to fight cancer…

Planning Your Cuppa

All you need to know…

House & Leisure Cuppa